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How to create Merch By Amazon Tshirt Designs under 5 minutes using Stencil

One of the most important skill for any Merch by Amazon seller is to create and submit designs quickly. You should make it a goal to submit designs daily until you’ve reached your design submission list. At least that is our goal.

More designs you’ve live on Merch, more chances are that they will sell. If you don’t have any designs live for your potential customers to see, you’re definitely not going to sell.  As simple as that.

You might be thinking..

Hey Prashant….I know that ..But ..

I am not a designer

I don’t know any good graphic designer.

I don’t have any design ideas

How do I create designs quickly..

I don’t have Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator & I don’t have time to learn these complex software

I take hours for me to come up with a simple design

I don’t like the designs I created.

………… and this list can go on and on with excuses.. ( Yes I said it.. it’s nothing but EXCUSE)

Many newcomers in Merch By Amazon struggle with one thing … i.e. most of them are non-designer.

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