How to create Merch By Amazon Tshirt Designs under 5 minutes using Stencil

One of the most important skill for any Merch by Amazon seller is to create and submit designs quickly. You should make it a goal to submit designs daily until you’ve reached your design submission list. At least that is our goal.

More designs you’ve live on Merch, more chances are that they will sell. If you don’t have any designs live for your potential customers to see, you’re definitely not going to sell.  As simple as that.

You might be thinking..

Hey Prashant….I know that ..But ..

I am not a designer

I don’t know any good graphic designer.

I don’t have any design ideas

How do I create designs quickly..

I don’t have Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator & I don’t have time to learn these complex software

I take hours for me to come up with a simple design

I don’t like the designs I created.

………… and this list can go on and on with excuses.. ( Yes I said it.. it’s nothing but EXCUSE)

Many newcomers in Merch By Amazon struggle with one thing … i.e. most of them are non-designer.


I am not a good designer at all but I didn’t want that hurdle to stop me from getting started on Merch.

In fact after talking to multiple Top sellers on Merch by Amazon, I can assure you that most of them do not have great designer skills.. They only made sure that their designs are uploaded everyday.

Successful Merch sellers either create simple text based design themselves or outsource design creation to a designer.

So now lets address the problem..

How to Create Merch By Amazon Tshirt Designs quickly under 5 minutes even if you do not have designer skills

There are various tools that you can use to create Amazon tshirt designs without spending too much moolah e.g. Canva, GIMP etc.

But one that I started to use in STENCIL. and with their latest update …

STENCIL now allows you to create Merch by Amazon Tshirt with 4500 x 5400 px with 300 dpi Print quality design template.

(This is the design standard that is needed to upload t-shirt design on Merch by Amazon)

This is simply AWESOME… as you can create tshirt designs very very quickly..

and I am going to show you how..

First step is to make sure that if you’re not using STENCIL already, go ahead and signup for FREE here.

If you’re just getting started on Merch and are at tier-10 level, you can signup for their FREE plan which lets you create 10 images / month. When you tier up to 25 or 100 or 500 & higher, you can upgrade to either Pro Plan or Unlimited plan.

After you sign up & login , you will see window like below.

On the left side, you will see different links to photos, Icons, Templates Quotes etc. On the right side you will the design template area where you can edit your design.

Step 1 : Change the default template size

Default template size is 1200 x 800. We need to change it for Merch By Amazon tshirt design. Here is how to do that.

  • Click on Default (1200 x 800)
  • Then Click on ‘Custom’.
  • Add a new custom image size of 2250 x 2700 and name it as ‘Merch By Amazon’
  • Set that Image size as default

If you’re thinking that 2250 x 2700 is not Merch By Amazon template ( 4500 x 5400), don’t worry we will do that in later steps.

Step 2 : Change the background to Transparent

You also need to change the background to transparent. To do this click on the design template and select “Make Background Transparent” as shown below.

Template will have a transparent background now.

Now the stage is set and next step is to go ahead and do the magic and start creating your design.

Step 3: Create the design

Let’s start creating the design. You can either use one of the existing templates or create a new text based design.

You can

  • Add the text
  • Change font size, color, line height, text color, outline color, background color.
  • Try using different fonts as well.

Adding design elements to Text based designs

If you want to add icons or other design elements, you can click on ‘Icons’ and change the design as desired.

There are few things you can do with these design elements:

  • Resize
  • Move to Back or Forward
  • Change the transparency
  • Horizontal / Vertical
  • Clone
  • Delete


Be creative and try different options to learn about those.

You also have an option to undo any design change using the undo button on top right corner of design area.

Step 4: Save and download the design

When you’re satisfied with Merch By Amazon tshirt design, you can go ahead and save it.

Click on Download to download the design. When prompted to download, you can change the file name and make sure to select the following Download settings:

  • Format : PNG
  • Dimensions : 4500 x 5400 
  • Media Type: Print (300 dpi)

and Click ‘Start Download’.

These are the settings that will make your design Merch By Amazon compatible.

Step 5: Upload your design on Merch

After you’ve created the design, go ahead and upload it to Merch and see how it looks.

Here is the tshirt that I designed. By now, you know that I have very poor design skills but I was able to create a design very quickly.

If I can, so can you…

It’s your turn now.

So don’t wait now .. Signup for Stencil by clicking here and start creating your first Merch by Amazon tshirt designs.

I could have very easily created 10-15 designs using Stencil, in the same time that took me to write this article.

See how easy it’s to create your first Merch By Amazon tshirt design under 5 minutes using Stencil.

Disclaimer: We’ve affiliate partnership with Stencil which means if you decide to signup using above link, we will get a commission from the sales. 




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