How to Boost T-shirt sales on Merch By Amazon when you’re not getting sales organically

There are several ways to boost your tshirt sales even if you’re not getting organic traffic. I will discuss all those in a separate post soon.

But in this post, I want to share a cool trick that I found to quickly boost your tshirt sales on Merch By Amazon even if you’re are a newcomer (tier 10 or 25) and not getting any organic sales.

So recently one of our tshirt got sold and when I clicked on the brand name, I found out that there were several other tshirts that weren’t our designs, listed under that same brand name.

That got me thinking…..

…as I had randomly entered the brand name while submitting the design.

Apparently brand name was same for our tshirts and others designs so Amazon was showing them under one brand page.

So how to use it to our advantage?

Competition is rising on Merch By Amazon and its getting tougher to get organic sales especially for newcomers even with great keyword research and superb design.

Here is a different approach to address this.

While doing research, you may find a brand that is selling a lot (low BSR) for most of their products and your tshirt with similar or better design in the same niche isn’t selling that well.

It could be possible that this particular brand is driving external traffic (non-amazon) to their tshirts or brand page. You can take advantage of that external traffic by adding your designs under the same brand name.

Cool .. eh.. 🙂

If your design is already live, simply edit it and change the brand name to match that of seller’s brand name.

This way, your design will now show up under that brand name and you may get few sales.

You will reap the benefits of someone’s effort for FREE. 

Unlike Amazon FBA where sellers can get their brand registered and stop others from selling under same brand name, this is not yet available for Merch By Amazon, so you can take advantage of it.

I am already in process of trying this for new designs and will share my results.

Let us know in comment below, if it worked for you.




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